Reproducibility, reliability, productivity. Quality Matters.

Quality matters because you need to focus on conducting rigorous pharmaceutical quality control (QC) without worrying about the quality of the materials you use on a daily basis.

This is why GE Healthcare Life Sciences is committed to supporting your pharmaceutical QC goals with high-quality Whatman filtration products that meet the highest standards—from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing and QC processes.

Choosing Whatman filters means:

  • A broad range of filtration options.
  • High reproducibility in order to allow for consistent performance.
  • Products manufactured to strict quality standards.

On this site you will find a range of tools and solutions to guide you in choosing and using the most suitable filter for your application.

Use the links below to learn more about our filtration options for pharmaceutical quality control.

For more information, please contact your local GE Healthcare representative.

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