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Track-Etched Polycarbonate Membranes

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We offer Cyclopore and Nuclepore polycarbonate membranes. The membranes are available in black or white color, with hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, and in a range of pore sizes, diameters, and pore densities.

Polycarbonate track-etched membrane filters are made from a thin, microporous polycarbonate film material. These thin films have discrete pores that are formed through a combination of charged particle bombardment (or irradiation) and chemical etching. This process allows for increased control over the polycarbonate film membrane’s pore size and density. Pore sizes are well-defined and the membranes are biologically inert. Track-etched polycarbonate membranes are typically used for applications such as microscopy, particulate analysis, and environmental testing (air and water monitoring).