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WAVE Bioreactors

In the 90s, Dr. Vijay Singh was working with cell culture at an industrial scale, and searching for alternatives to expensive stainless steel tanks and piping, which continuously required time-consuming cleaning and validation.

In 1996, Dr. Singh founded WAVE Biotech and pioneered the first scalable disposable bioreactor. Single-use bioreactors save time and lower costs for cleaning and validation, and offer process flexibility and quick product changeover.
WAVE Bioreactors revolutionized the market and the range of products quickly expanded to include larger scale bioreactor systems, mixing systems, and fiber-optic sensors for real-time measurements of pH, dissolved O2, and dissolved CO2.

The “Pipeless” Plant is a Reality

WAVE Bioreactors were incorporated into GE Healthcare Life Sciences in 2007, and together with ReadyToProcess products, form an extensive line of single-use products for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. From cell culture to filtration and downstream purification, the WAVE Bioreactor and ReadyToProcess product range provide disposable bioprocess solutions that lower costs and increase speed and flexibility.

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