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HiTrap Q HP

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HiTrap Q HP, 5 x 1 ml

HiTrap Q HP are prepacked, ready-to-use Q Sepharose High Performance strong anion exchange columns for high-resolution, small-scale protein purification.

  • 34 µm bead size for high-performance, high-resolution purifications.
  • Convenient and reproducible for fast, easy, high-performance separations either alone or connected in series.
  • Designed for use with a syringe, peristaltic pump, and chromatography systems such as ÄKTA design.
  • Strong quaternary ammonium (Q) anion exchanger.

The small particle size (34µm) of the medium allows fast adsorption and desorption even at high sample loadings and flow rates.SP Sepharose High Performance is a strong cation exchange medium and Q Sepharose High Performance is a strong anion exchange medium. Both remain charged and have high loading capacities over broad pH ranges.

HiTrap Q HP, 5 x 1 ml

Bed Volume 1 ml
Flow Rate < 4 ml/min1)
Bed Dimensions 7 × 25 mm
Pressure Max. [Over the Packed Bed During Operation] 5 bar [0.5 MPa] (70 psi)
Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol
1)The pressure over the packed bed varies depending on a range of parameters such as the characteristics of the chromatography medium and the column tubing used.
Charged Groups - N+(CH3)3
Matrix 6% cross-linked agarose
Ligand Quaternary amine
Pressure/Flow Specification 150 cm/h (at < 3 bar, 25°C, 10 cm bed height)
Average Particle Size 34 µm
Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol
Flow Velocity 30-150cm/h
pH Stability Cleaning 1-14
Ion Exchanger Type Strong anion exchanger
Ionic Capacity 0.14-0.20 mmol Cl-/ml
pH Stability Working Range 2-12
Exclusion Limit [Mr] [Globular Proteins] 4 x 106
BioProcess Medium Yes
Chemical Stability Stable in all commonly used buffers: 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine HCl, 70% ethanol, 1 M NaOH, 1 M acetic acid, 30% isopropanol, 30% acetonitrile, 2% SDS 1)
Particle Size 24-44 µm
1)1 M NaOH and acetic acid should be used only for cleaning purposes.
Complete Packsize 1 ml
Column i.d. 7 mm
Material [Column Hardware] Polypropylene (PP)

HiTrap Q HP, 5 x 1 ml

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