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Customer highlight on the DeltaVision Elite line of microscopes

Iain Cheeseman, The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Iain Cheeseman, Whitehead Institute

photo credit: Alina Chan

Have you ever wondered how it is that the fidelity of cell division is so high? Researchers like Dr. Iain Cheeseman and his lab at the Whitehead Institute study how it is that cells get the right number of chromosomes after each division. It’s so important to understand how cells do this “right” to understand what goes wrong in cancer or birth defects that result from chromosomal errors. To drive the cell biology studies in his lab, Iain Cheeseman chose a DeltaVision Elite microscope as his lab’s workhorse instrument.

What is the DeltaVision Elite?

The DeltaVision Elite is a fully integrated, flexible, high-resolution widefield imaging system. Iain notes that “the capacity to conduct analyses of living cells over an extended time course as well as generate high resolution, deconvolved images of fixed cells in multiple wavelengths provides a flexibility of approaches.”

Why choose a DeltaVision Elite?

“In addition to studying human cells, we have used this system to image budding yeast, C. elegans embryos, and human stem cell(s). The system is very user friendly and easy to operate. We have directly compared this system to other wide field microscope systems, and in each case we have found the system to be superior to other options in its operation and image quality and sensitivity. I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in a powerful and flexible system for a range of applications.”

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Customer highlight on the DeltaVision Elite line of microscopes

Iain Cheeseman- Lab image

Provided by David Kern and Iain Cheeseman, Whitehead Institute (see also Kern et al. 2016, Journal of Cell Biology)

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