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Solve DNA extract storage issues with Whatman™ FTA™ Elute Cards

Archive extracted DNA samples at room temperature

Solve DNA extract storage issues with Whatman™ FTA™ Elute Cards

Forensic laboratories can process thousands of DNA samples per year. Typically, after testing, the remaining extracted DNA is stored as a liquid in the freezer. Other labs may choose to dry samples down for archiving. Introducing a room temperature storage solution for extracted DNA eliminates the need for freezers and the consumption of precious laboratory space.

For many years, Whatman™ FTA™ Elute cards have been utilized for blood sample collection/room temperature storage and isolation of the DNA template for downstream applications. FTA™ Elute cards contain a chaotropic salt that lyses cells on contact and binds proteins tightly to the card matrix. In addition, FTA Elute chemistry has been designed for easy elution of DNA with a simple water and heat step.

In this application note, we utilize an optimized elution protocol based on the original FTA Elute protocol. Once the extracted DNA is applied to the FTA Elute card, the matrix changes color from purple to white. This allows the end user to have clear visibility of where the sample was applied for future processing.Furthermore, we demonstrate the ability to effectively recover extracted DNA stored on Whatman FTA Elute cards at room temperature. The data supports that complete STR profiles were obtained from samples containing as little as 50pg/µl of DNA in the starting extract concentration.

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