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Protein Purification

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With a legacy of more than 50 years’ experience, GE Healthcare’s portfolio offers technologies and products for protein purification, from rapid bench top sample preparation and laboratory-scale chromatography, to large-scale upstream and downstream bioprocessing of biopharmaceuticals. The range includes our well-known chromatography brands such as Sephadex media and ÄKTA chromatography systems, as well as filtration media and systems.

Purifying proteins is central to both studying their function as well as for industrial scale manufacturing of biotherapeutics. From the early beginnings of gel filtration that separates molecules by size, practically all protein properties have been exploited for separation and purification. Ion exchange chromatography discriminates charge, hydrophobic interaction chromatography differentiates degrees of hydrophobicity, and affinity chromatography uses specific tags or binding regions. The possibilities are almost endless for designing separation procedures for purifying specific proteins from complex mixtures as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Antibody Purification

Purification of IgG by affinity chromatography relies on ligands that bind to the Fc region

Industrial-Scale Purification

Scalable purification solutions are vital to efficient industrial protein purification

Membrane Protein Purification

Membrane proteins are usually purified as protein-detergent complexes

Non-Tagged Protein Purification

Our products and expertise in purifying non-tagged proteins are backed by more than 50 years of experience

Protein Sample Preparation

The process from crude extract to pure protein should be fast and efficient

Tagged Protein Purification

Tagging recombinant proteins makes purification from total cell extracts easier and more convenient

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