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Rapid STR Analysis

DNA analysis has become the standard in forensic science, aiding law enforcement in solving crimes, convicting criminals, and exonerating the innocent. As convicted offender and all-arrestee laws continue to expand worldwide, forensic laboratories are experiencing increasing demands for DNA analyses. The investigation of crimes committed by repeat offenders also contributes to the accumulation of DNA samples awaiting analysis (backlogs).

In addition, it can take days or weeks to receive notification of a hit in a DNA database such as CODIS due to the requirement for a crime lab to reconfirm a DNA match. Delays in DNA sample handling, analysis, and reconfirmation may slow criminal investigations, delay identification of suspects, and ultimately lead to increased financial burden on taxpayers.

Cutting Edge Technology Saves Time and Money

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is a cutting edge instrument designed to help minimize backlogs, reduce recidivism, and lower the cost of law enforcement. This system allows the crime lab to reprocess and reconfirm samples within hours after a DNA database hit, enabling police to follow up on investigations more efficiently. The system also facilitates fast turnaround for high priority enrollee samples1.

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is a fully automated instrument that enables law enforcement and forensic laboratories to quickly process DNA swabs and obtain an STR profile for database searching. 

The system uses the all-in-one disposable DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette that contains all the reagents, materials, and waste containment needed to perform DNA analysis while minimizing the potential for contamination or errors. 

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is easily operated via the integrated menu-driven touch screen, includes powerful Expert System Software to analyze data, and provides CODIS-quality results in less than 85 minutes.

1For US customers, these applications require modification of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories. 

DNAscan is a trademark of GE Healthcare.

BioChipSet and Rapid DNA Analysis are trademarks of NetBio Inc.