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Amersham Systems, Membranes, Film and Reagents

In the 1940s, Amersham (now GE Healthcare) pioneered the manufacturing of radioactive isotope tracers, enabling major advances in molecular biology that would eventually lead to historic milestones such as DNA sequencing. 

In the next few decades, Amersham continued to make important contributions to science and medicine, such as launching the world’s first radioimmunoassay kit for measuring insulin levels in diabetic patients. Amersham’s innovative heritage also contributed to the development of non-radioactive labeling methods, and in 1990, Amersham ECL reagents became the first chemiluminescent reagents for Western blotting. Amersham ECL is still widely used today, and is among the most cited in scientific literature for Western blotting.

GE Healthcare has continued to build on the Amersham legacy with an extensive portfolio of products for chemiluminescent, chemifluorescent, and fluorescent detection. Read on to find out why these product families have earned such a strong reputation for quality and reproducibility within the scientific community.

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