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HiTrap Prepacked Columns


In 1991, six HiTrap columns were launched with the aim to simplify everyday protein purification. At a time when laboratory personnel spent hours, if not days, with the tricky task of packing small-scale columns, HiTrap prepacked columns became an immediate success. HiTrap offered researchers consistent quality, convenience, and significant timesavings.

Over the years, the HiTrap family has grown to give researchers and process developers one of the widest choices of chromatography media. Today, there are over 130 different columns covering the most commonly used chromatography techniques—desalting, affinity, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interaction. The HiTrap family also includes a range of kits that streamline chromatography media screening and ease technology transfer from the lab bench to pilot scale to large-scale processes.

Much has happened since the first six columns launched in 1991, but their signature ‘red hat’ and quality remain. The HiTrap format is still as popular as ever, and if all the columns sold in 2010 were connected, they would build a chain almost 5 km (3 miles) long!

Product Description

HiTrap Columns are available in 1-ml and 5-ml sizes and are made of biocompatible polypropylene. The columns can be directly coupled to ÄKTA design systems without the need for connectors. They can also be used singly or connected in series for easy scale up together with a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system. Each pack includes instructions and connectors for coupling the columns to many different systems.

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