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Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

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We offer a wide range of Biacore systems for molecular interaction analysis in areas as diverse as basic research, drug discovery and development research, and quality control. In addition, we offer Biacore reagents, buffers, and accessories such as Biacore Sensor Chips.

The SPR phenomenon is the basis of many technologies that measure adsorption of material onto planar metal surfaces (typically gold and silver) or onto the surface of metal nanoparticles. When an injected sample containing a potential interaction partner binds to molecules immobilized on a sensor surface, the refractive index at the interface between the sensor surface and the solution is altered to a degree proportional to the change in mass at the surface.
SPR is used to detect these changes in real time and data are presented as a sensorgram. The sensorgram traces the association and dissociation of complexes over the entire course of an interaction, with the kinetics revealed by the shape of the binding curve.

PBS-P+ Buffer
Reagents, Buffers, Solutions

Biacore reagents, buffers and solutions are high quality products for optimal convenience, with verified function and performance in Biacore systems.