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High Content Analysis

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IN Cell Analyzer automated systems yield morphological and molecular data via high content cell imaging and analysis. The combination of IN Cell Analyzer HCA systems, IN Cell Investigator image analysis software, and IN Cell Miner data management software is a total solution for high content cellular and sub cellular analysis in basic research and drug discovery research.

Cellular research typically involves the use of techniques such as biochemical assays, microscopy, Western blotting, and flow cytometry to investigate cell responses. These well-established techniques, however, are limited in sample throughput. Further, they risk disruption of cellular structure, and are frequently labor intensive. This places constraints on the number and complexity of assays that can be handled and makes it hard to interpret results in a relevant biological context.
High content analysis (HCA) is a technique for high throughput microscopic cell analysis. HCA involves probing whole cells, in a plate or on microscope slides, with single or multiple fluorescent sensors, capturing images of the cells very rapidly with a high resolution imaging instrument, and then extracting detailed information from the images with powerful software. The automation and throughput provided by HCA allows you to answer more questions in less time.

IN Cell Analyzer 2200 Imaging System
High Content Analysis Systems

IN Cell Analyzer systems allow you to analyze interactions as they happen and gain deeper insights into complex cellular mechanisms