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Imaging Systems, Software, and Accessories

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We are committed to providing imaging systems, software, and accessories to enable accurate data acquisition from gel and blot images. Amersham Typhoon and Amersham Imager systems support high-sensitivity imaging. When used together with ImageQuant TL, ImageQuant TL SecurITy, or Melanie 2D Analysis Software, these systems provide high productivity and data quality.

Biomolecular imaging systems allow users to generate excellent quantitative data through linearity of signal responses across a wide range of target molecule quantities, and with low limits of detection. Amersham Typhoon biomolecular imagers combine lasers and photomultiplier tubes for optimal signal-to-noise ratio. Imaging modes include both phosphorimaging and fluorescence imaging.

Charge-coupled device (CCD) camera-based systems, such as Amersham Imager systems, provide an affordable option for protein and DNA detection and reduce the need for a dedicated dark room with associated costs. The camera cabinet can be equipped with various light sources, enabling many applications to meet specific analysis needs.

Imaging Software
Analysis Software

Image analysis software products for anything from basic documentation to automated 1-D and 2-D analysis.

Imaging Accessories
System Accessories

A broad range of imaging system accessories such as filters, lenses, or storage phosphor plates.

ImageQuant LAS 4000
Gel and Blot Imaging Systems

High performance imaging systems allow accurate quantitative analysis using a range of detection methods.