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Crossflow Filtration

Our cross flow filtration (CFF/TFF) technologies include hollow fiber ultrafiltration cartridges with different molecular weight ratings to support the entire range of ultrafiltration separation applications. CFF systems, such as ÄKTAcrossflow, ÄKTA flux, and UniFlux, are engineered with consistent flow paths for straightforward scale-up or scale-down, easing the transition of biological separations from research to pilot-scale to production.

CFF involves the majority of the feed stream moving parallel to a membrane surface, rather than into the filter as in the case of normal flow (or dead-end) filtration. The principal advantage is that the ‘filter cake’, which can clog the filter, is flushed away during the process, which increases the lifespan of the filter unit. CFF can be used as a continuous process, unlike dead-end filtration which is run in batches. CFF is recommended for valuable feeds containing a high proportion of small particulate solids.