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We provide a comprehensive range of products for nucleic acid and protein blotting. This includes EPS power supplies, VacuGene instruments and accessories for nucleic acids, and a wide range of transfer tanks for proteins. We also offer Hybond membranes and blotting papers, blocking reagents, and reagents for hybridization. A wide choice of CyDye labeling kits and conjugated antibodies allow sensitive and convenient detection.

After the separation of protein or nucleic acids by electrophoresis, the molecule of interest is blotted onto a membrane. Specific RNA or DNA fragments are identified by hybridization with probes consisting of labeled DNA (Southern blotting) or RNA (Northern blotting) sequences. Labeled antibodies are used to probe for specific proteins in Western blotting, and fluorescence-based detection enables multiplex detection of several proteins simultaneously. Similar approaches can be applied to identify post-translational modifications of proteins (Eastern blotting), non-antibody protein-protein interactions (Far-Western blotting), protein-DNA interactions (Southwestern blotting), and protein-RNA interactions (Northwestern blotting).
There are other nucleic acid blotting methods, such as dot blots, slot blots, and colony/plaque lifts that do not include electrophoresis. Dot and slot blots involve direct application of the sample to the membrane, which is then probed. Colony and plaque lifts involve direct transfer of colonies of microorganisms from a culture plate onto a membrane which is probed.

Amersham WB Analyzer
Blotting Equipment

Reliable blotting equipment for protein and nucleic acid blots

Western Blotting Membranes
Blotting Membranes

Extensive line of nitrocellulose, PVDF, and nylon blotting membranes for your application requirements

Chromatography paper
Blotting Papers

Broad range of pure cellulose filter papers manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic and blotting techniques

Amersham ECL Prime Western Blotting Detection Reagent
Blotting Standards and Reagents

Use high quality reagents to obtain reliable results

Full-Range Rainbow Molecular Weight Markers
Blotting Accessories

Blotting accessories to simplify your testing processes