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ReadyToProcess Phenyl Sepharose 6 FF (High Sub)

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ReadyToProcess Phenyl Sepharose 6 FF (High Sub)

ReadyToProcess columns are high performance bioprocessing columns that come prepacked, prequalified, and presanitized. Available with a range of BioProcess media.

  • Flexibility of operations by quick change over between projects
  • Process security in terms of robust column performance
  • Scalability of operations that facilitates traditiuonal chromatoghraphy approach in larger scale
  • Time savings by making several time-consuming steps redundant
  • Cost savings by lowering buffer consumption and reducing cleaning validation demands
  • No cross contamination

Seamless scalability

ReadyToProcess columns are designed for seamless scalability, delivering the same performance level as available in conventional processing columns. ReadyToProcess columns are designed for purification of biopharmaceuticals for clinical phase I and II studies. Depending of the scale of operations they can also be used for full-scale manufacturing, as well as for preclinical studies. The columns can be used in any chromatographic application for separation of various compounds, for example proteins, endotoxins, DNA, plasmids, vaccines, and viruses.

Flexible operations

ReadyToProcess columns make several steps redundant (column packing, column qualification, and sanitization), and significant time saving can be achieved in the downstream processing. ReadyToProcess columns are closed units and the design allows easy disposal after completed production. ReadyToProcess chromatography columns offer the possibility to work in a fully flexible mode in early clinical phases while keeping a conventional re-use option for large-scale manufacturing open. The chromatography media used in ReadyToProcess columns have a long track-record of use in full-scale manufacturing using conventional, large-scale chromatography, where columns can be used for tens or hundreds of cycles. The transition from ReadyToProcess format to full-scale manufacturing is therefore straightforward.

ReadyToProcess Phenyl Sepharose 6 FF (High Sub)

Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol1)
Liquid Temperature 4-40 °C
Certificate of Analysis Yes
Pressure Max. [Over the Packed Bed During Operation] 1.2 bar [0.12 MPa] (17 psi)
Bed Volume 2,5 l
Bed Dimensions 126 × 200 mm
1)The temperature difference between the fluid running through the column and the ambient temperature in the room should never be greater than 20°C.
Average Particle Size 90 µm
BioProcess Medium Yes
Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol
Ligand Phenyl
Particle Size 45 µm-165 µm
Degree of Substitution Approx. 40 µmol phenyl/ ml gel
Matrix 6% cross-linked agarose
Chemical Stability Stable in commonly used aqueous buffers - 1 M NaOH, 3 M Ammonium sulphate, 30% isopropanol, 70% ethanol, 10% ethylene glycol, 0.5% SDS, 6 M guanidine-hydrochloride, 8 M Urea
Pressure/Flow Specification Base matrix: 250-400 cm/h, 100 kPa, XK 50/60 column, bed height 25 cm
pH Stability Cleaning 2-14
pH Stability Working Range 3-13
Complete Packsize 1 l
Material [Bed Support] Polypropylene (PP)
Column i.d. 80 mm
Material [Column Hardware] Polypropylene (PP), Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Tygon 2275 Polyolefin, Fluorocarbon rubber (FPM), Ethylenepropylenediene (EPDM)
Outlet i.d. 4.8 mm (0.19 in)
Outer Height 382 mm
Inlet i.d. 4.8 mm (0.19 in)
o.d. [Including Lid] 155 mm
Bed Support Net
Disposable Yes
Column Cross Section Area 50 cm2
Material [Column Tube] Polypropylene (PP)
Porosity 23 μm
Pressure Limit 4 bar1)
Weight ~3 kg
1)While the maximum liquid pressure stated depends on the pressure rating of the column, restrictions for the maximum pressure drop over the column depend on the packed chromatography medium, in order to ensure bed stability. See User Manual for details.

ReadyToProcess Phenyl Sepharose 6 FF (High Sub)

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