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We offer a large variety of products to meet your requirements for sample collection, transportation, and storage. Our Whatman FTA/FTA Elute cards provide simple solutions to collect, preserve, and purify biological samples at room temperature for downstream DNA analysis. FTA DMPK-A, FTA DMPK-B, and FTA DMPK-C cards are ideal media for dried blood spot (DBS) microvolume sampling and are widely used in drug metabolism (DM), pharmacokinetic (PK), and toxicokinetic (TK) studies. 903 cards have a long history in blood spot sampling for screening programmes.

Convenient collection products and reliable solutions for transportation and preservation of biological samples are essential in a wide range of forensic, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, research, and screening applications. Biological samples include for examples blood, buccal, tissue, plant, and cultured cell samples as well as microorganisms. DNA and other biomolecules collected with these products may, after simple purification steps, be used for many types of downstream analyses.

GE Healthcare can customize kits that include any of our Whatman FTA products or other sample collection products and accessories.

903 Sample Collection Cards
903 Sample Collection Cards

903 dry blood spot sample collection products for screening and research studies

Whatman - Nucleic Acid Images.
DMPK Sample Collection Cards

Dried blood spot microvolume sampling for drug metabolism (DM), pharmacokinetic (PK) and toxicokinetic (TK) studies

Sample Collection
FTA/FTA Elute Sample Collection Cards and Kits

FTA technology combines room temperature sample collection, transportation, and storage with quick DNA purification in a single product.

Sample Punching
Sample Punching

We offer UniCore manual punches in a range of sizes for processing of collection cards.

Swabs and Accessories
Swabs and Accessories

Accessories for sample collection, transporting, storing, and DNA purification.