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Xcellerex Mixers

Xcellerex single-use mixing systems are designed for convenient and efficient mixing of buffer, media, product, and other process fluids. For convenience and flexibility, we offer a variety of bag assemblies, tubing lines, connections, and sampling and sensing capabilities that accommodate a wide array of applications.


XDUO Quad Intelligent Mixing System, Jacketed Stainless Steel
Xcellerex XDUO Quad Intelligent Single-Use Mixing System

The XDUO Quad Mixing System offers the advantages of the XDM Quad Mixing System plus powerful automation capabilities.

XDUO 2500 Mixer
Xcellerex XDUO 2500 Mixer

The XDUO 2500 is our first single-use mixer to support large-scale mixing of up to 2500 L in upstream and downstream bioprocessing workflows.

XDM Quad Mixing System, polypropylene
Xcellerex XDM Quad Single-Use Mixing System

The XDM Quad Mixing System delivers robustness and flexibility for a wide variety of mixing applications.