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Frequently Asked Questions

Click “Show More” below to read the answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Regulatory Support.

How do I get started with the Regulatory Support Web Application?

How do I start a subscription?

What is a Regulatory Support File (RSF)?

What is a Validation Guide (VG)?

What is a Validation Support File (VSF)?

What is Change Control Notification (CCN)?

What is the difference between the notifications related to RSF/VSF/VG and CCN?

Why aren't CCN subscriptions automatically included with my RSF/VSF/VG subscription?

Do I need a confidentiality agreement (CDA)?

What happens when my company’s confidentiality agreement expires?

Can I share information contained in RSF/VSF/VG documents?

How do I change the contact person for a RSF/VSF/VG or CCN?

How can I change my contact details in order to be notified at a new email address?

Do I need to renew my access to Regulatory Support?

How do I get a new password?

What is the difference between Regulatory Support File (RSF) and Drug Master File (DMF)?