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PhastGel Staining Kits

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PlusOne Coomassie Tablets, PhastGel Blue R-350

PhastGel Blue R tablets are a readily soluble, premeasured means of preparing Coomassie Blue R-350 solutions. PhastGel Blue R-350 is more sensitive than the commercially available R-150 and R-250 forms and can detect most proteins at 50–100 ng/band. One tablet makes 400 ml of a 0.1% staining solution.

PlusOne Coomassie Tablets, PhastGel Blue R-350

Stability Stable
Physical State Solid
Wetted Part No
Application Used for industrial applications such as analytical chemistry and research, used to detect most proteins at 50 to 100 ng/band
Solubility Partially soluble in cold water and hot water
Complete Packsize 40 tablets
Color Dark purple-red

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