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Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

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Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

  • Desalt multiple samples in parallel with a desalting capacity > 90%.
  • Easy to use and equilibrate; apply sample; elute.
  • Recovery in the range 70 to >95%.
  • Preparation of the samples in the range of 1.0 to 2.5 ml by gravity flow and 1.75 to 2.5 ml with centrifugation.
  • Flexible protocols allow runs by gravity flow or centrifugation.
  • Fast, affordable, high-recovery desalting and buffer exchange, as well as removal of low-molecular weight compounds packed with Sephadex G-25 Medium.

Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to lengthy and troublesome dialysis procedures. In minutes, biological samples are desalted and small molecular weight solutes are removed or exchanged with excellent recoveries of macromolecules.

The instructions for Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns have been updated with two new application protocols: gravity or centrifugation, to increase the flexibility of the product. The gravity protocol allows a simple cleanup of samples with one or several columns in parallel, without the need for a purification system. The spin protocol enables runs in parallel in a standard centrifuge with minimal dilution of the eluted sample.

Four adapters are included in each product pack to enable easy centrifugation. Together with LabMate PD-10 Buffer Reservoir, wash and equilibration buffer can be applied in one step with the gravity flow protocol. Empty PD-10 columns are recommended for use with bulk media for affordable and versatile sample preparation.

Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

Complete Packsize 30 Columns
Bed Volume 8.3 ml
Sample Volume 2.5 ml
Guidance Disposable columns for clean-up of proteins/oligosaccharides.

The columns are prepacked with Sephadex G-25 medium and for sample volumes up
to 2.5 ml by gravity flow and columns spin flow

1 x Column stand
4 x PD-10 spin adaptor
1 x Buffer tray
30 x Bottom sleeve
Instructions are supplied with the columns

The white boxes in the picture are to secure safe transport of the columns

PD- 10 Buffer reservoir has to be ordered separately

For smaller scale please use PD MidiTrap G-25 (1.0 ml), PD MiniTrap G-25 (0.5
ml), PD SpinTrap G-25 (130 µl) and PD MultiTrap G-25 (130 µl in parallel)
Wetted Part No
Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, 0.15% Kathon CG/ICP Biocide
Bed Dimensions 14.5 × 50 mm
pH Stability Cleaning 2-13
Storage Conditions 4 to 30°C, dry media. Used media 4 to 8 °C in 20% Ethanol or 0.1 M NaOH
Partical Size Dry >50 µm
Exclusion Limit Mr 5000
Exclusion Limit [Mr] [Globular Proteins] > 5 x 103
Particle Size Wet 38 µm-235 µm
Chemical Stability All commonly used buffers, 0.2 M NaOH, 0.2 M HCl, 1 M acetic acid, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine HCl, 1 % SDS, 24 % ethanol, 30 % porpanol, 30 % acetonitrile
Fractionation [Mr] Dextrans 1 x 102-1 x 102
pH Stability Working Range 2-13
Fractionation [Mr] Globular Proteins 1 x 103 – 5 x 103
Pressure/Flow Specification >100 cm/h, pressure drop cm H2O/bed height=2, bed height 30 cm, 2.6 cm i.d.
BioProcess Medium Yes
Matrix Cross-linked dextran
Material [Column Hardware] Polypropylene (PP)
Column i.d. 15 mm
Chemical Stability Stable in all commonly used buffer systems
Material [Bed Support] Polyethylene (PE)

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