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AxiChrom 50 to 200 Columns

Bed Height Max. 300 mm
Column i.d. 50 mm
Material [Bed Support] 316L Stainless Steel (SS)

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AxiChrom 50/300

AxiChrom column platform is a revolutionary concept in column chromatography that simplifies column handling at all scales from process development to full-scale production.

  • Proven sanitizable design with materials recognized for use in GMP environments.
  • Operates with Intelligent Packing on ÄKTAavant, ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTApilot, and ÄKTAprocess.
  • Scalable from process development to full-scale production on the same platform.
  • Rotating pivot stand for easy emptying, safer operation, and convenient access to bed supports and O-rings.
  • Preprogrammed packing methods verified for Capto, MabSelect, and other BioProcess media ensuring accurate and reproducible results.
  • Wetted and pressure-retaining parts are traceable and polymers are approved according to USP class VI, 21 CFR part 177, AFO for all sizes.
  • Supported with IQ/OQ documentation packages.

AxiChrom columns are low-pressure chromatography columns designed to simplify column handling during process development. Packing of AxiChrom is facilitated by the Intelligent Packing methodology. Preprogrammed, verified packing methods in UNICORN software shorten start-up time and pack the column with optimal bed compression.

AxiChrom column platform simplifies column handling procedures from process development to full-scale manufacturing.

Intelligent Packing

Packing AxiChrom columns is facilitated by the Intelligent Packing methodology, where optimal compression of the bed is achieved by preprogrammed, verified packing methods. Preprogrammed methods reduce the need for extensive packing know-how and facilitate scale-up and tech-transfer. For AxiChrom 50-200, the Intelligent Packing methods are part of the UNICORN software for the respective system. In AxiChrom 300 and larger columns, packing is controlled by an ÄKTAprocess system or the AxiChrom Master, a separate unit comprising a touch-screen operator interface, a motor drive, and preprogrammed methods that support Intelligent Packing.

Intuitive handling

AxiChrom Master provides interactive guidance for all key handling steps, which promotes the development of SOPs, as well as increasing safety. The novel swing-out tube of AxiChrom 300 and larger columns allows easy access to parts and maintenance in situ. All AxiChrom 50-200 columns feature a pivot design that eliminates heavy lifting, promoting safer operation and quick and easy access for maintenance.

Predictable scale-up

The distribution system within the AxiChrom family is based on a theoretical model to ensure uniform flow through the bed, producing reproducible results over a range of scales. The column is sanitizable and has the same seal design across all scales.

What do I need?

Useful accessories:
Pivot stand needs to be ordered separately for AxiChrom 50. The column is delivered with a foot stand.Tubing kits are available for different setups depending on what type of stand and system you use. Mechanical locking is recommended for maintaining axial compression between runs and for longer periods of storage. The locking device allows the position of the adapter to be locked without the need for hydraulic pressure. 2 different tool kits, small and large, can be ordered separately.
Useful spare parts to keep on site:
Bed supports, a complete set of O-rings, and scraper sealings.
Assembly/disassembly of column: The centering plug delivered with the column must be used when assembling the column, The manual includes an extensive service chapter.


ÄKTA avant - Packing AxiChrom columns with ÄKTA avant system

Packing small-scale Axichrom columns

AxiChrom 50/300

Material [Lid] 316L Stainless Steel (SS)
Bed Height 100-300 mm
Bed Support 20 μm Stainless Steel
Compliance The product fulfills valid directives and standards when used within the conditions specified in the user manual. The product must also be used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare and connected only to other CE labeled GE Healthcare modules or other products as recommended. For regulatory details please see declaration of conformity.
Material [Column Tube] Borosilicate glass
Material [Seal] Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM), Fully Fluorinated Propylene Monomer (FFPM/FFKM), Ultra high molecular weight polyetheylene (UHMWPE)
Connections 5/16" female
Foot Print 352 x 352 mm (foot), 350 x 360 mm (stand)
Autoclavable 121°C for 30 min, except for the bed support (and distributor for 100-200mm)
Column Cross Section Area 19.6 cm2
Material [Distributor] EN 1.4462 (Duplex)
Weight Column Stand 7 kg
Packing Pressure Max. 20 bar (290 psi)
Surface Finish, Stainless Steel Internal Wetted Ra Electropolished'< 0.5 µm
Porosity 20 µm. For 10 µm contact local sales representative
Surface Finish Stainless Steel Non-Wetted Parts Ra Electropolished < 3 µm
Operating Temperature 2°C-30°C
Inlet Dimension i.d. 1.7 mm
Material [Stand] PolyOxyMethylene (POM-C), Stainless steel 316 (SS)
Weight 6.5 kg
Complete Packsize 1 Piece
Operating Pressure Max. 10 bar (145.03 psi)

AxiChrom 50/300

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