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ÄKTA pcc is a benchtop chromatography system designed for continuous chromatography at process-development scale.

  • Efficient: Increases productivity by maximizing use of the chromatography medium. Runs at a smaller scale, compared to batch, for the same output.
  • Stable: Includes a dynamic control functionality for consistent process performance even under changing conditions, for example variable feed concentrations and chromatography medium lifetime effects.
  • Scalable: Enables scalable processes, from process development to manufacturing scale.
  • Proven: Based on the well-established ÄKTA chromatography platform operated with UNICORN system software.

ÄKTA pcc allows for purification of your target molecule in a continuous bioprocess using periodic counter-current (PCC) chromatography. Continuous chromatography combined with perfusion culture is especially suitable for purification of unstable molecules, as the short process time helps ensure stability of your target product.

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