• Introduction to the DeltaVision OMX SR

    Hear about:
    • Theory and applications for structured illumination microscopy (SIM) and DeltaVision localization microscopy (DLM).
    • Sample preparation recommendations for imaging on the OMX SR.
    • Ring TIRF, photokinetic and ultrafast widefield capabilities.
    • How imaging on the OMX can further your own research project.

  • Deconvolution: an invaluable tool in the microscopy toolbox

    Join us and discover:
    • How deconvolution works.
    • When deconvolution brings the most value.
    • What’s needed to ensure you can trust the deconvolved data.
    • The remarkable discoveries deconvolution enables.

  • What kind of information do you gain from live cell imaging and what can it be used for?

    In this mini-webinar:
    • Hear our experts discuss the different kinds of information that you can get from live cells.
    • The discussion also covers which methods and dyes to use to obtain the information that you are looking for.

  • Magnetics 3D bioprinting of cells: overcoming imaging obstacles in spheroids

    Lean more about:
    • Magnetic 3D bioprinting of spheroids and rings.
    • Tips for high-throughput confocal imaging of 3D cells.
    • Techniques for bioprinting cell co-cultures.
    • Rapid 3D model formation with easy post culture analysis.

  • Practical super-resolution imaging: SIM capabitlies, sample prep and analysis

    In the webinar you will learn:
    • The background of structured illumination microscopy (SIM).
    • Advantages of SIM.
    • Sample preparation for SIM.
    • How to avoid reconstruction artefacts.

  • Super resolution microscopy: improve your imaging don’t reinvent it

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • How you can get started with SIM today.
    • How SIM enables visualization of structures that have previously only been seen with electron microscopy.
    • How SIM is currently being used to generate super resolution images on live, dynamic cells.