A sensitive, robust, and easy-to-use chemiluminescence CCD imager designed to provide publication-quality digital images of DNA and protein gels and blots.

  • High sensitivity: Detect low abundant protein molecules easily. Advanced settings allow up to 50 incremental exposures and exposure times up to 10 h.
  • Sharp images with high resolution: Choose from four binning modes, including “no binning” for sharper images and improved resolution of closely spaced bands—great for chemiluminescence imaging!
  • Easy to use: Intuitive software that’s easy to learn and use with on-board analysis functions. Adjust sample position and focus when needed.
  • Image a chemiluminescent sample and a colored molecular weight marker simultaneously with automatic overlay. The overlay image retains the marker color for easy identification of molecular weights.
  • Highly flexible performance: Choose from five imaging options to cover all of your imaging needs from colorimetric to chemiluminescence to fluorescence.
  • Robust design: Low maintenance design provides dependability for high-throughput, multi-user labs.

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Product Product Name Price
29270769 Amersham Imager 680 Amersham Imager 680 16 000.00 GBP Add to cart
29270770 Amersham Imager 680 UV Amersham Imager 680 UV 19 400.00 GBP Add to cart
29270771 Amersham Imager 680 QC Amersham Imager 680 QC 23 400.00 GBP Add to cart
29270772 Amersham Imager 680 RGB Amersham Imager 680 RGB 26 600.00 GBP Add to cart

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