GE Healthcare’s Lyo-Stable stabilization technology locks in performance, enabling room temperature shipping and storage of your individual reagents, or complete assays.

The Lyo-Stable service offers pre-dispensed, single-dose reagents that can simplify assay setup, reducing contamination risk and improving reliability of results.

Building on our existing catalogue of Ready-To-Go products, together with our in-house optimization expertise, we offer end-to-end custom reagent lyophilization and packaging services.

Learn how our dedicated custom team can put their expertise, experience and our ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities to work to serve your reagent stabilization needs.

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Example of an amplification-based custom Lyo-Stable formulation


Benefits of Lyo-Stable technology

Stabilization Sample integrity is maintained
  • Provides up to 2 years room temperature stability (no activity loss)*
  • Is stable at a wide range of temperatures
Simplification Pre-dispensed, single-dose reagents
  • Requires fewer pipetting steps
  • Requires less sample handling
  • Improves data quality
  • Supports reduced training requirements
  • Is compatible with downstream applications and automation
Shipping Simplified logistics
  • Does not require dry or wet ice shipment
  • Simplifies shipping across countries
  • Provides significant cost savings
Storage No need for refrigerator or freezer storage
  • Supports applications for field use
  • Enables storage in remote or low accessibility regions
  • Enables storage in locations with insufficient infrastructure
  • Provides significant cost savings

* Based on GE Healthcare's standard Ready-To-Go portfolio

GE Healthcare offers a collaborative approach to stabilizing your specific assay reagents: