Chris Kopinski

Global Product Leader - Analytics
Marlborough, MA, USA

As the Global Product Leader for Analytics in GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Digital team, Chris Kopinski is focused on helping pharma/biotech, clinicians, and researchers realize their vision of bringing precision medicines to market. He and his team are working on embedding advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into day-to-day operations of customers to help them work more efficiently and productively.

Even with over 11 years under his belt at GE, Chris’s journey has been exciting at every turn. He found a penchant for the healthcare industry during his university cooperative with the advanced digital technologies group focusing on helping reduce errors in medical settings. That led him to join GE Healthcare’s Edison Engineering Development program working as a systems engineer with medtech and life sciences product development teams. Chris eventually joined the Accelerated Leadership Program (XLP) leading the automation and digital organization for GE Healthcare’s Bioprocess business. His proudest accomplishment during that time is when his team helped the business take an innovative concept and turn it into an industry game-changer known as the FlexFactory, a single-use biomanufacturing platform.

Chris believes digital solutions will be instrumental in the improvement and growth of the pharmaceutical industry. “For example, only 12% of therapies entering clinical trials today will be approved for use in a clinical setting. Even then, that therapy is effective only for about 40% of patients. The cost associated with that is astronomical!” Chris says that new technology such as machine learning and advanced analytics will allow researchers and therapy producers to develop and deliver to patients more precise therapies quickly and cost-efficiently. “It’s all about taking the data and information that’s out there and creating valuable insights for the scientists, manufacturers, engineers, and clinicians involved in driving precision health. The ultimate goal is to provide better care to patients.”

The people Chris has met over his career is hands down his favorite part about working at GE Healthcare. Whether it’s celebrating a project, reflecting on a challenge, or saying farewell to a colleague, he has seen teams rally together to support one another. Additionally, having different viewpoints and experiences at the table has kept Chris on his feet, enabling him to constantly think outside the box. “When you embrace diversity, each person brings a unique perspective that will help our business achieve amazing results.”

His advice for those starting out in their careers: “Use your time wisely. Determine what’s important for you and focus all your energy on it.”

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"Use your time wisely. Determine what’s important for you and focus all your energy on it."