Jeffrey Moss

HR Business Partner
Marlborough, MA, US

Making recommendations, leading change, and advocating on behalf of employees have been the hallmarks of Jeff Moss’ role as the HR Business Partner for GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Global Services. His main responsibility is to work closely with our global leadership team to develop and execute the talent strategy across the business to make the best decisions for our customers.

Jeff joined GE Healthcare through the acquisition of Xcellerex in 2012. He started as an HR manager and built his networks, managing to support almost every function and business within GE Healthcare Life Sciences in the United States over six years. “When I was seeking a new opportunity, I decided to target Life Sciences due to the fast pace, high growth and futuristic missions,” he says.

“The best teams are made up of people from different backgrounds and experiences because they’re able to bring different perspectives and ideas to the table,” Jeff says. He saw this come to life at the Grand Opening of GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences US Headquarters in Marlborough, MA in 2016. It involved two years of work to staff up the site and start working on cultural initiatives bringing everyone together. “I also had the chance to conduct a panel discussion at the Grand Opening Town Hall to publicize the work that HR was doing to integrate our talent successfully into the organization.”

As an HR leader for a global team, Jeff strongly believes that leaders should allow employees the time to be creative, to step out of their comfort zone, and to explore new projects without constraints. But first and foremost, “they need to ensure that every individual in the team feels comfortable trying new things, failing and learning from their mistakes without fear.” A personal achievement close to Jeff’s heart is being able to see the growth in the employees he has recommended for positions. “They may not have been on anyone’s radar but have ended up doing amazing and impactful work.”

For the future, Jeff hopes that young professionals know that they don’t always need to have every answer or know exactly where they want to be in their career. He suggests moving around the organization and trying new things.

Most importantly, he says, find something you love and make it a career: “I keep Charles Schulz’s final Peanuts comic at my desk as a reminder that we should all be doing something that we love…”

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