Sofie Stille

GM BioProcess Downstream Resins
Uppsala, Sweden

Life is like taking buses. Sometimes you need to get off and take another one to a new place, a new environment. This best describes Sofie’s journey. Fresh out of university with a degree in chemical engineering, her dream was to contribute, impact, and change the world.

Sofie’s career began at Amersham Pharmacia in 1999 as a Process Validation Engineer. After Pharmacia was acquired by GE in 2004, she began to build her networks, ultimately receiving her first managerial role as a Section Manager in Uppsala, Sweden. Although she ventured out for a few years, Sofie could not resist returning! She joined the commercial team as an Account Manager for both the Swedish and Finnish regions. Taking on number of roles and new challenges since, she now serves as the General Manager for BioProcess downstream resins.

In this role, Sofie and her team ensure they tackle all internal and external challenges head on in order to meet the needs and demands of their customers. “If my team is successful in enabling the manufacture of patient medicines and delivering what markets expect us to bring, we’re delivering significant impact on the industry and the future of precision health,” she says.

Sofie enjoys being part of diverse teams that include people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. “Horizontal teamwork makes the dream work. It shows commitment to the business, customers and the patients too!” Always interested in feedback from her teams, she has learned how crucial it is to not make hasty decisions. Instead, she reminds herself to take a step back, stop for a few seconds, and make sure the team’s goals and objectives are clear before making any moves.

Looking to build a career in the life sciences industry? Sofie offers this as advice: “Don’t close your eyes. Be open. Build your networks. Be patient.”

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"Don’t close your eyes. Be open. Build your networks. Be patient."