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GE, the GE Monogram, imagination at work and the following are trademarks of General Electric Company.

A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X #
ADCF ActiCHO ActiPro ActiSM
AdvanceSTEM ÄKTA ÄKTAcrossflow ÄKTApilot
ÄKTAprocess Amersham Anodisc Anopore
Anotop Applied Precision ArrayWoRx Aspire
Asymptote Atmos AuroDye Autovial
AxiChrom AxiTide
Bagkart Batch 360 Benchkote Bhoomi
Biacore Biacore & design Bioclear BioProcess
BIOREWARDS Biosafe Biotrak
Capto Cell Boost Cell DIVE Cellbag
CELLBASE Chromaflow Chronicle CloneSaver
CMG Cosmic Calf CryoSC Cy
Cyclopore CyDye Cytell Cytiva
Cytodex Cytopore
DeCyder DeltaVision DeltaVision OMX DIBE
Drop (design) Drop (device)
ECL ECL Advance ECL DualVue ECL Plex
ECL Select e-Core Ettan ExcelGel
Fast Trak Fetal Clone FetalClone (stylized) FetalPrime
Ficoll Ficoll-Paque Figurate FineLINE
FlexFactory Fluxkart
GammaBind GenomiPhi GF/C GFX
GraviTrap GSTprep GSTrap
HiLoad HiPrep HiPrep (design) HiScale
HiScreen HisPrep HisTrap HiTrap
Hoop Hot Lips Tube Sealer Hybond HyCell
HyClone Hyperfilm HyQ HyQTase
IceStart illustra ImageQuant Immobiline
Immunopore IN Carta IPGphor
Klari-Flex KUBio Kvick Kvick Flow
Kvick Lab Kvick Start
Labcrew Lab Recharge LEADseeker Lyo-Stable
MabSelect MabSelect SuRe MabSelect Xtra MAbTrap
MacroCap MaxCell MBPTrap MCID
MCID ELITE (design) Media Wand MicroSpin MidGee
MidiTrap Mini Q Mini S MINIBEADS
MiniTrap Mini-UniPrep Mono P Mono Q
Mono S MonoBeads MultiPhor MultiTemp
MultiTrap my.Cryochain
Nanomover NAP NGS-Plex Nuclepore
OligoPilot OligoProcess Oligosynt OptiRun
PAA Percoll Pharmalyte PhastGel
PhastSystem Polybuffer PreDictor PreScission
Primer Support PrimeView ProbeQuant Procel
ProCell Protran
RA Reeve Angel (Stylized) Rainbow Ready To Go Ready To Process
ReadyCircuit readyflux ReadyMate Ready-To-Go
ReadyToProcess ReadyToProcess WAVE RediGrad RESOURCE
ReZist RTG
Schleicher & Schuell Sefia Sepax Sephacel
Sephacryl Sephadex Sepharose Sera-Mag
SeraSil-Mag Sera-Xtracta Shark Skin Smart-Max
SpinTrap Split circle (design) Split circle (device) STREAMLINE
StrepTrap Superdex Superloop Superose
TempliPhi Test Tube Slanted (design) Testa Center (stylised) & device Thermo Sequenase
Tricorn T-SQUARE Typhoon Typhoon Trio
Uniflo UniFlux UniPrep Uno
VIA Capsule VIA Freeze VIA Thaw
W Whatman (stylised) & device WAVE WAVE Bioreactor WAVE Biotech (stylised) & device
WAVE Mixer WAVEMIXER (design) WAVEMIXER (stylised) & device waveTuner
Whatman Whatman GD/X WorX
Xcellerex Xcellerex (design) Xuri  


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Name Is a trademark of
903 Eastern Business Forms, Inc.
3M 3M Company
ABI Thermo Fisher Scientific
AbSolute Groupe Novasep SAS
ABTS Boehringer Mannheim Corp.
AccQ-Tag Waters Technologies Corporation
Accumet Thermo Fisher Scientific
Accuri Becton Dickinson and Co.
Accutase Innovative Cell Technologies, Inc.
Accutrend Boehringer Mannheim GmbH
Acrobat Adobe Systems Incorporated
Acrodisc Pall Corporation
AcroPrep Pall Corporation
Actemra Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha Corp.
Actero FoodChek Systems Inc.
AcTEV Thermo Fisher Scientific
ACTISAN Compagnie Financiere et de Participations Roullier
Activase Genentech, Inc.
Actril Medivators, Inc.
Adcetris Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated
Advanced Sigma-Aldrich Co.
AdvantaFlex NewAge Industries, Inc.
AdvantaPure NewAge Industries, Inc.
Affymetrix Affymetrix, Inc.
Agilent Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Agilent 1290 Infinity Agilent Technologies, Inc.
AGT Thermo Fisher Scientific
AIM-V Thermo Fisher Scientific
alamarBlue Thermo Fisher Scientific
Albumex CSL Limited
Alconox Alconox Inc.
Alexa Fluor Thermo Fisher Scientific
ALIAS Spark Holland B.V.
Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Almemo Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH
Alofisel TiGenix, S.A.U
Amazon Amazon Technologies, Inc.
ambr The Automation Partnership (Cambridge) Limited
Amicon Merck KGaA
AMPFLSTR Thermo Fisher Scientific
AMPFLSTR COFILER Thermo Fisher Scientific
Amplifluor Merck KGaA
AmpliTaq Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
AmpliTaq Gold Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
AMPure Beckman Coulter Inc.
Amsphere JSR Corporation
AndexXa Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Android Google Inc.
Anybus HMS Industrial Networks AB
Applikon Applikon B.V.
Applied Biosystems Thermo Fisher Scientific
AquaMax Molecular Devices, LLC
Aranesp Amgen Inc.
ArchestrA Schneider Electric Software
Arenesp Amgen Inc.
Arzerra Novartis AG
ASE Dionex Corporation
AseptiQuik Colder Products Company
AstraZeneca AstraZeneca PLC
AT-Closed Vial Aseptic Technologies
AttoPhos Promega Corporation
AutoPack Pall Corporation
Avastin Genentech, Inc.
Avonex Biogen MA Inc
AWS Amazon Technologies, Inc.
BalanCD Irvine Scientific
Barex Ineos Barex AG
BCA Thermo Fisher Scientific
BD FACSVerse Beckton, Dickinson and Company
BD LSRFortessa Beckton, Dickinson and Company
Benlysta GlaxoSmithKline LLC
Benzonase Merck KGaA
Bexxar GlaxoSmithKline LLC
BigDye Thermo Fisher Scientific
Binocrit Novartis AG
Bioanalyzer Agilent Technologies, Inc.
BioArchive ThermoGenesis Corp.
BioBarb Bio Pure Technology Limited
BioBLU Eppendorf AG
BioChipSet NetBio Inc.
Biochrom Biochrom Ltd.
BioClamp BioPure Technology Limited
BioDiscovery BioDiscovery, Inc.
Biodyne Pall Corporation
BioFlo Eppendorf Inc.
BioFocus Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Bio-Gel Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
BioMax Eastman Kodak Company
Biomek Beckman-Coulter, Inc.
Bioprene Techneopro Ltd.
BioProfile Nova Biomedical
BioProfile Flex Nova Biomedical Corporation Inc.
Bio-Scale Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Bio-Sep The University of Tulsa Non-Profit Education Corporation
BioSolve Biomatrica, Inc.
BIOSTAT Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
Biostate CSL Ltd.
BioSuite Waters Technologies Corporation
Biotrace 3M Company
Bio-Vial Beckman-Coulter, Inc.
BioWelder Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A.
BlueSens BlueSens GmbH
Bluetooth Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
BODIPY Thermo Fisher Scientific
Brij Croda Group of Companies
BugBuster Merck KGaA
Caddy Watrex Prague, Ltd.
Calbiochem Merck KGaA
Calcium Green Thermo Fisher Scientific
Campath Genzyme Corp.
Cardiolite Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.
Cascade Blue Thermo Fisher Scientific
CBMG Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc.
CDP-Star Applera Corporation
CEDEX Roche Diagnostics GmbH
Cell Factory Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cell Saver Haemonetics Corporation
Cellavista SynenTec GmbH
CellCube Corning Incorporated
Cell-Free DNA BCT Streck, Inc.
CelliGen Eppendorf Inc.
Cell-IQ Panasonic Healthcare Corporation
Cellometer Nexcelom Bioscience, LLC
CellSeal Cook General Biotechnology, LLC
CellTiter 96 Promega Corporation
CellTracker Thermo Fisher Scientific
Celution Cytori Therapeutics
Centricon Merck KGaA
CentriTech Pneumatic Scale Corporation
Cerezyme Genzyme Corporation
CF Biotium
C-Flex Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Chelex Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
CHOZN Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Chroma Spin Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Cimzia UCB Pharma, S.A.
CIP 100 STERIS Corporation
Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc.
Claristep Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A.
Clarity Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Clave ICU Medical Inc.
CliniMACS Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
CliniMACS Prodigy Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
COBE Terumo BCT, Inc.
Cocoon Octane Biotech, Inc.
COFILER Thermo Fisher Scientific
CompactLogix Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Compaq Compaq Trademark B.V.
Conducell Hamilton Company
Contrad Decon Laboratories Inc.
CoolCell Cool Lab, LLC
CoolSnap Photometrics
Coomassie Thermo Fisher Scientific
Coomassie Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Corning Corning Incorporated
Cosentyx Novartis AG
Costar Corning Incorporated
Coulter Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Coulter Counter Beckman Coulter Inc.
Countess Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoCassette Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
CryoMACS Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
CryoMed Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoStor BioLife Solutions, Inc.
CryoTiger Brooks Automation, Inc.
CryoWedge Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A.
CSPD Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cultispher Percell Biolytica AB
CYMAL Anatrace Products, LLC
CytoFLEX Beckman Coulter Inc.
Cytopilot Vogelbusch GmbH
Dacron Invista North America S.A.R.L.
DASbox Eppendorf AG
DASGIP DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH
DecisionSite TIBCO Software Inc.
Decon Decon Laboratories Ltd.
Deconex Borer Chemie AG
Decon-Quat Veltek Associates, Inc.
Decon-Spore Veltek Associates, Inc.
DeepWell Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dell Dell Inc.
DeltaV Emerson Process Management group of companies
DeviceNet ODVA, Inc.
Dharmacon Dharmacon, Inc.
DharmaFECT Dharmacon, Inc.
Diaflo Merck KGaA
DIONEX Dionex Corporation
DNA IQ Promega Corporation
Dotarem Guerbet Joint Stock Company
Dowex The Dow Chemical Company
Durapore Merck KGaA
Dylight Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dymo Sanford, L.P.
Dynabeads Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dynal Thermo Fisher Scientific
DynaMag Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dynamis Thermo Fisher Scientific
EasyFerm Hamilton Company
EasyPunch Hamilton Company
EasySep STEMCELL Technologies
EB66 Valneva SE
Ecoinvent Ecoinvent Association
Econo-Column Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Edit-R Dharmacon, Inc.
EfficientFeed Thermo Fisher Scientific
Elastosil Wacker Chemie AG
Elkay Elkay Products Inc.
Elutra Terumo BCT, Inc.
Enbrel Immunex Corporation
Endozime The Ruhof Corporation
ENrich Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Environ STERIS Corporation
Eovist Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Epicor Epicor Software Corporation
Eporatio Ratiopharm GmbH
Eppendorf Eppendorf AG
Eprex Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Erbitux Imclone LLC
Erweka Erweka GmbH
Eshmuno Merck KGaA
EvaluatePharma Evaluate Ltd
Evolve Photometrics
EVOS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Excel Microsoft Corporation
EX-CELL Sigma-Aldrich Co.
ExoSAP-IT Affymetrix, Inc.
Experion Honeywell International Inc.
EYLEA Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Fabrazyme Genzyme Corporation
FACS Becton, Dickinson and Company
FACSDiva Becton, Dickinson and Company
Falcon Corning Incorporated
Ferene BioVectra, Inc.
Fibra-Cel Imery’s Minerals California, Inc.
FideliTaq Affymetrix, Inc.
FILTRA-BAG Labplas Inc.
Firefox Mozilla Foundation
Fisherbrand Thermo Fisher Scientific
FLAG Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
FloDesign Sonics FloDesign Inc.
FlowJo FlowJo, LLC
Flownamics Flownamics Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Forma Thermo Fisher Scientific
ForteBio Pall Corp.
Fortem Sealed Air Corporation
FortiCHO Thermo Fisher Scientific
FragEL EMD Chemicals Inc.
Fragmentase New England Biolabs, Inc.
Freedom EVO Tecan Group Ltd.
FreeStyle Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fujifilm Fujifilm Corporation
Fujinon Fujifilm Corporation
Gadovist Bayer Schering Pharma
Gammanorm Octapharma AG
GAMP International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Inc.
G-CON POD G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.
Gel Doc Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
Gelman Pall Corp.
GenBank US Dept. of Health & Human Services
GeneAmp Thermo Fisher Scientific
GeneMapper Thermo Fisher Scientific
GenePix Molecular Devices, Inc.
GeneQuant Biochrom Ltd.
GeneSpring Agilent Technologies, Inc.
GeneXpress Protein Sciences Corporation
Germall ISP Investments, Inc.
GIBCO Thermo Fisher Scientific
Gilson Gilson, Inc.
GlutaMAX Thermo Fisher Scientific
Gonal Merck KGaA
Google Google Inc.
Google Chrome Google Inc.
GoPure Thermo Fisher Scientific
Greiner Greiner Holding AG
G-Rex Wilson Wolf Corporation
Groschopp Groschopp, Inc.
Halar Solvay Solexis Inc.
Hamilton Hamilton Company
Harris Cutting Mat Shunderson Communications, Inc.
Harris e-Core Shunderson Communications, Inc.
Harris UniCore Shunderson Communications, Inc.
Hastelloy Haynes International Inc.
Herceptin Genentech Inc.
HEX Applied Biosystems, LLC
Hexabrix Guerbet SA
Hibitane Regent Medical Limited
High Five Thermo Fisher Scientific
HigherPurity Canvax
Hillex Pall Corp.
HiSeq Illumina Inc.
HisProbe Thermo Fisher Scientific
HitHunter DiscoveRx, Inc.
Hoechst Hoechst GmbH
HP Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Humira Abbvie Biotechnology Ltd.
Humulin Eli Lilly and Company
Hydra Matrix Technologies LLC
HyperD Pall Corp
Hyperflask Corning Incorporated
HyPerforma Thermo Fisher Scientific
Hypersil Thermo Fisher Scientific
iBlot Thermo Fisher Scientific
ICI Imperial Chemical Industries Limited
IDENTIFILER Thermo Fisher Scientific
iFunnel Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Ilaris Novartis AG
illumina Illumina Inc.
Imaris Bitplane AG Corporation Switzerland
IMLYGIC Amgen Inc.
Immobilon Merck KGaA
Immun-Blot Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
ImmunoCult STEMCELL Technologies
InBatch Schneider Electric Software
Inflectra Hospira UK Ltd
Infoware Trinergy, LLC
Insilico Cells Insilico Biotechnology AG
Insilico Controller Insilico Biotechnology AG
Insilico Designer Insilico Biotechnology AG
Insilico Discovery Insilico Biotechnology AG
Insilico Inspector Insilico Biotechnology AG
Intel Intel Corporation
Intel Core Intel Corporation
Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation
iOS Cisco Systems, Inc.
iPad Apple Inc.
iPhone Apple Inc.
IRDye LI-COR, Inc.
Irgafos BASF SE
Isotemp Thermo Fisher Scientific
JMP SAS Institute Inc.
Kalrez DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC
KanCap Kaneka Corporation
KaryoMAX Thermo Fisher Scientific
Kathon Dow Chemical Co.
Kautex Kautex Textron GmbH & Co KG
Keytruda Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
KingFisher Thermo Fisher Scientific
Kleenpak Pall Corporation
Klercide Ecolab USA Inc.
Klerwipe Ecolab USA Inc.
Kodak Eastman Kodak Company
Kogenate Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Kolliphor BASF SE
Kraton Kraton Performance Polymers Inc.
kSep KBI Biopharma, Inc
Kymriah Novartis AG
Lantus Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
La-Pha-Pack La-Pha-Pack GmbH
Legend Thermo Fisher Scientific
LeukoScan Immunomedics, Inc.
LEVIFLOW Levitronix GmbH
Levitronix Levitronix GmbH
Lexan SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.
Lincode Dharmacon, Inc.
Linux Torvalds, Linus
Lipitor Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
Lipofectamine Thermo Fisher Scientific
Long-Read Tower Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.
Lovo Fenwal, Inc.
LpH STERIS Corporation
Lucentis Genentech, Inc.
Luer-Lok Becton, Dickinson and Company
Lumi-Phos Lumigen, Inc.
Luxturna Spark Therapeutics, Inc.
LuxX Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH
Lynx Merck KGaA
LYSOTRACKER Thermo Fisher Scientific
MabThera Roche Inc.
Macintosh Apple Inc.
Macrodex Media AB
MACS Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
Magna Pure Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.
Magnevist Berlex Laboratories, Inc.
Makrolon Covestro Deutschland AG
Marprene Watson-Marlow Limited
MassHunter Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Masterflex Cole-Parmer Instrument Company LLC
MasterMover MasterMover Ltd.
MasterMover M-Mover Holdings Limited
MatriGel Discovery Labware, Inc.
Matrox Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
Maxiscript Ambion, Inc.
MaxQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
MEBAK Mitteleuropäische Brautechnische Analysenkommision e.V.
MediaScout Atoll GmbH
MEGAscript Thermo Fisher Scientific
Melanie SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Metricel Pall Corporation
Mettler-Toledo Mettler-Toledo Inc.
MGB Eclipse Elitech Holding B.V.
MICK Mick Radio-Nuclear Instruments, Inc.
MicroAmp Thermo Fisher Scientific
MicroBeta Wallac Oy Corporation
Microlab Hamilton Company
Microsoft Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Corporation
Microtiter Thermo Fisher Scientific
MIDAS Identity Theft Guard Solutions, LLC
Milentyi Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
Millex Merck KGaA
Milli-Q Merck KGaA
MinElute Qiagen GmbH
Minisart Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
Minitab Minitab, Inc.
MIRIDIAN Dharmacon, Inc.
MitoTracker Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mobius Merck KGaA
MODDE Umetrics AB
Mokon Protective Industries, Inc.
Monoclate CSL Behring LLC
Mozilla Mozilla Foundation
Mr. Frosty Thermo Fisher Scientific
mTeSR Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
MultiChem Puretec Corporation
Multihance Bracco International B.V.
MultiMount Mettler-Toledo, LLC
Multipette Eppendorf AG
Muse Merck KGaA
Mustang Pall Corp.
Mylar DuPont Teijin Films
Mylotarg Wyeth LLC
Myozyme Genzyme Corporation
Nalgene Thermo Fisher Scientific
NanoDrop Thermo Fisher Scientific
NanoOrange Thermo Fisher Scientific
NanoVue Biochrom Ltd.
Natrix Natrix Separations Inc
NC-200 ChemoMetec A/S
NEBNext New England Biolabs, Inc.
NeoRecormon F. Hoffman La Roche AG
NeoSpect CIS Bio International
NetSuite NetSuite Inc.
Neulasta Amgen Inc.
Neupogen Amgen Inc.
NeutrAvidin Thermo Fisher Scientific
NGC Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
NIMBUS Hamilton Company
Nolvadex AstraZeneca UK Limited
Norit Norit International N.V.
NORMAPUR VWR International
NovaSpec Biochrom Ltd.
Novell Novell, Inc.
Novex Thermo Fisher Scientific
NuAire NuAire, Inc.
NucleoCounter ChemoMetec A/S
Nucleon Tepnel Life Sciences PLC
Nucleospin Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co
Nunc Thermo Fisher Scientific
NuPAGE Thermo Fisher Scientific
Octet Pall Corp.
Odyssey LI-COR, Inc.
Oetiker Oetiker Schweiz AG
OKT3 Johnson & Johnson Corporation
ÖLFLEX Lapp Group
Olympus Olympus Corporation
Omnifit Diba Industries
Omnitrope Novartis AG
ON-TARGET Dharmacon, Inc.
ON-TARGET plus Dharmacon, Inc.
Opdivo Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
OpenGL Silicon Graphics International Corp
OpenLab Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Opta Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
OptEIA Beckton, Dickinson and Company
Optia Terumo BCT, Inc.
OptiCHO Thermo Fisher Scientific
Opti-MEM Thermo Fisher Scientific
OptiPRO Thermo Fisher Scientific
OpTmizer Thermo Fisher Scientific
OPUS Repligen Corp
Oracle Oracle
ORBCEL Orbsen Therapeutics
Oregon Green Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orencia Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Origin OriginLab Corporation
Orthoclone Johnson & Johnson Corporation
P3 Henkel Corporation or its Affiliiates
Pacific Blue Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pall Pall Corporation
Pallflex Pall Corporation
Parafilm Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc.
PASA Spark Holland B.V.
pBlueScript Agilent Technologies, Inc.
pCITE Merck KGaA
Pefabloc DSM IP Assets B.V.
Pellicon Merck KGaA
Pentium Intel Corporation
PER.C6 Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.
Perspex Ineos Acrylics UK Limited
pGEM Promega Corp
Pharmacia Pharmacia & Upjohn Company
PharMed Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Phos-trap PerkinElmer Inc.
PhyTip PhyNexus, Inc
Phytone Becton Dickinson and Co.
PickPen Bio-Nobile Oy
PicoGreen Thermo Fisher Scientific
PicoPLEX Rubicon Genomics, Inc.
Pierce Thermo Fisher Scientific
Plasmatherm Barkey GmbH & Co
Plexiglas Evonik Rohm GmbH
Pluronic BASF SE
Polaroid Polaroid Corporation
PolyScience Preston Industries, Inc.
Polytron Kinematica AG Company
PowerFlex Rockwell Automation, Inc.
PowerPC International Business Machines Corporation
PowerPlex Promega Corporation
PowerPoint Microsoft Corporation
Praesto Purolite Corporation
Praluent Sanofi Biotechnology
Praxbind Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH
Prevnar Wyeth LLC
PRIME-XV Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc.
Procion DyStar Colours Deutschland GmbH
PROFIBUS PROFIBUS Nutzerorganization e.V.
PROFILER Thermo Fisher Scientific
PROFILER PLUS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Prohance Bracco Diagnostics Inc.
ProJet 3D Systems, Inc.
Prolia Amgen Inc.
Pronase Merck KGaA
ProSep Merck KGaA
Protean Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
ProteomeX Thermo Fisher Scientific
ProWeigh Environmental Express, Inc.
Pumpsil Watson-Marlow Limited
PuraLev Levitronix GmbH
Pure-Fit Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
PureWeld Watson-Marlow Limited
Q Exactive Thermo Fisher Scientific
Qdot Thermo Fisher Scientific
QIAamp Qiagen GmbH
QIAGEN Qiagen GmbH
QIAquick Qiagen GmbH
Qproteome Qiagen GmbH
QuadroMACS Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
Quantifiler Applied Biosystem, LLC
Quant-iT Thermo Fisher Scientific
Quattroflow Almatech Maschinenbau GmbH
Rapid DNA Analysis NetBio Inc.
RBS 35 Chemical Products R. Borghgraef S.A.
Reader Adobe Systems Incorporated
Rebif Ares Trading S.A.
Re-imagine Sealed Air Corporation
Remicade Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Removab Fresenius Biotech GmbH
Remsima Celltrion Inc
ReoPro Eli Lilly and Company
Repatha Amgen Inc.
REPLI-g Qiagen GmbH
Resovist Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Retacrit Hospira Inc.
RetroNectin Takara Bio, Inc.
Revco Thermo Fisher Scientific
Rhodamine Green Thermo Fisher Scientific
Rhodamine Red Thermo Fisher Scientific
RiboGreen Thermo Fisher Scientific
RISC-Free Dharmacon, Inc.
Rituxan Biogen MA Inc
RNase Away Molecular Bio-Products, Inc.
RNeasy Qiagen GmbH
RoboColumn Repligen GmbH
Rockwell Rockwell Automation, Inc.
RoboColumn Atoll GmbH
Rosemount Rosemount Inc.
Roferon Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.
ROX Thermo Fisher Scientific
Rynite E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
SAFC Sigma-Aldrich Co.
SafeLock Mettler-Toledo, LLC
SafeSet Hilti Aktiengesellschaft
Salipro Salipro Biotech AB
Samplicity Merck KGaA
SaniPure Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Sani-Tech Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Saran S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Sartobind Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
Sartofluor Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
SATARaid Silicon Image Inc.
Saturn FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
SciCon SciLog Inc.
SciLog SciLog Inc.
SciPres SciLog Inc.
SciTemp SciLog Inc.
Scotch-Brite 3M Company
SEBRA Vante Inc.
SECURE-T Labplas Inc.
Sep-Pak Waters Technologies Corporation
Sheffield Kerry Luxembourg SARL
Shopfloor-Online Lighthouse Systems Limited
siARRAY Dharmacon, Inc.
Siemens Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
siGENOME Dharmacon, Inc.
Sigma Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Sigmacote Sigma-Aldrich Co.
SigmaFast Sigma-Aldrich Co.
SignalScreen PerkinElmer BioSignal Inc.
SimaPro PRé Consultants BV
SIMATIC Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
SIMOGEAR Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Simplicity Merck KGaA
SimpliNano Biochrom Ltd.
SimplyBlue Thermo Fisher Scientific
Simponi Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Simriz Carl Freudenberg KG
Simulect Novartis AG
siSTABLE Dharmacon, Inc.
siSTARTER Dharmacon, Inc.
SKYCellflu SK Chemicals Co.
Skype Skype Corporation
SMARTpools Dharmacon, Inc.
SMARTvector Dharmacon, Inc.
SNAP id Merck KGaA
SNAPSHOT Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftFocus BioFocus DPI Ltd.
Soliris Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Sorvall Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sotax Sotax AG
Span Croda Group of Companies
SpectraMax Molecular Devices, LLC
SpeedTec TE Connectivity Industrial GmbH
SpeedVac Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spherisorb Waters Technologies Corporation
Spor-Klenz STERIS Corporation
Spotfire TIBCO Software Inc.
SQL Server Microsoft Corporation
StaR Heptares Therapeutics Limited
STAR Hamilton Company
Stealth Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stealth RNAi Thermo Fisher Scientific
Steam-Thru Colder Products Company
Stelara Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Stemline Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.
Stericult Thermo Fisher Scientific
SterilEnz PAW BioScience Products, LLC
Stomacher Seward Limited
Stradus Vortran Laser Technology Inc.
Strep-Tactin IBA GmbH
Strep-tag IBA GmbH
Strongarm Strongarm, Inc.
Styrofoam Dow Chemical Co.
Super A Epoch Biosciences, Inc.
Super G Epoch Biosciences, Inc.
Super T Epoch Biosciences, Inc.
Superflow Sterogene Bioseparations Inc.
SuperSignal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Swagelok Swagelok Company
SYBR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Synagis AstraZeneca group of companies
SYPRO Thermo Fisher Scientific
SYTOX Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tagamet SmithKline Corporation
TALON Clontech Laboratories Inc.
Taltz Eli Lilly and Company
TAMRA Thermo Fisher Scientific
TaqMan Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
Taxol Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
TeamViewer TeamViewer GmbH
Tecan Tecan Group Ltd.
Techne Techne Incorporated
Teflon E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Tefzel E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Teledyne Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
Terg-a-zyme Alconox Inc.
Texas Red Thermo Fisher Scientific
TexMACS Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
ThawSTAR Biocision, LLC
TheraSeed Theragenics Corporation
Thermo Fisher Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific
ThermoMixer Eppendorf AG
Thrombotrol CSL Limited
Tissuquartz Pall Corporation
Titansphere GL Sciences Inc.
TopCount PerkinElmer LAS, Inc.
Torx Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC
TotalLab TotalLab Ltd.
TOTALPREP Thermo Fisher Scientific
TOTO Thermo Fisher Scientific
TOYOPEARL Tosoh Corporation
ToyoScreen Tosoh Corporation
TranScreen Carestream Health, Inc.
Transfluor Molecular Devices, Inc.
Tri-Clamp Alfa Laval
Trikafta Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
TRITON Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastic Company Inc.
Trizma Sigma-Aldrich Co.
TSCD Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha Corporation
TSKgel Tosoh Corporation
TubeSpin TPP Techno Plastic Products AG
TurboVap Biotage AB
Tween Croda Group of Companies
Tygon Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Tysabri Biogen Idec Inc.
Tyvek E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
UaGateway Unified Automation GmbH
ULS Kreatech Biotechnology B.V.
Ultipor Pall Corporation
Ultra Therm Charm Bioengineering, Inc.
Ultracel Merck KGaA
Ultravist Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Ultropac Biochrom Ltd.
Ultrospec Biochrom Ltd.
Unifuge Pneumatic Scale Corp
UNOsphere SUPrA Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
UnyLinker Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Urografin Bayer Schering Pharma AG
USB Affymetrix, Inc.
UviMicro Biochrom Ltd.
Vacuette Greiner Bio-One GmbH
Vacutainer Becton, Dickinson and Company
Valco Valco Instruments Company, Inc.
Valium F. Hoffman La Roche AG
Valox SABIC Innovative Plastics
Varian Varian Medical Systems Technologies, Inc.
Vectastain Vector Laboratories, Inc.
Vectibix Immunex Corporation
Velcro Velcro Industries B.V.
Vespel E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Viaspan Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Vibracell Sonics & Materials, Inc.
Vi-CELL Beckman Coulter Inc.
Vicryl Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Viewplate Perkin Elmer LAS, Inc.
Viresolve Merck KGaA
ViroCyt Virocyt, Inc.
Viton DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC
Vivapure Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
Vivaspin Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
VPRIV Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.
VueLife Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
VWR VWR International, Inc.
Watson-Marlow Watson Marlow Pumps Limited
West Pharma West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
WesternBright Advansta Inc.
Windows Microsoft Corporation
Windows Vista Microsoft Corporation
WindowViewer Schneider Electric Software
Wizard Promega Corporation
Wonderware Schneider Electric Software
Wonderware InTouch Schneider Electric Software
World Courier AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Wratten Eastman Kodak Company
XenApp Citrix Systems, Inc.
XenDesktop Citrix Systems, Inc.
XenServer Citrix Systems, Inc.
Xgeva Amgen Inc.
Xigris Eli Lilly and Company
Xolair Novartis AG
X-Omat Carestream Health, Inc.
X-VIVO Lonza Walkersville, Inc.
Yervoy Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Yescarta Kite Pharma, Inc.
YouTube Google Inc.
Zarxio Novartis AG
Zeba Thermo Fisher Scientific
Zenapax Roche Inc.
Zevalin Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
Zinbryta Biogen Idec Inc.
ZipTip Merck KGaA
Zoladex AstraZeneca UK Limited
Zorbax Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Zurcal Nycomed GmbH
Zymark SOTAX Corporation
Zyxel ZyXEL Communications Corp.


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