Privacy Policy Update

We have an updated Privacy Policy which outlines how we handle your data. You can view the updated version here.

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Please see important information below regarding our Return Policy. We hope this will provide you with the information needed for your return request. Unless there are other terms which have been agreed to in writing by the customer and GE Healthcare, the return policy below applies.

GE Healthcare has sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any return. If you have any questions about a possible return, please contact GE Healthcare.

A return requires a Return Authorization Number issued by GE Healthcare, which is valid for 30 days. Returns may incur a re-stocking fee, at GE Healthcare’s discretion.

Product cannot be returned if:

  • Customer has had the product for more than 30 days (from date received).
  • The product ships or is stored at any temperature other than room temperature.
  • The package has been opened or the seal has been broken.
  • The package is defaced or has writing on it.
  • Product is a hazardous product.
  • Product is a media packed column.
  • Product is custom or made to order.
  • Product is expired.
  • Product is not flagged as returnable.
  • Product was damaged by a party other than GE Healthcare.