Removing barriers together

Let us work together to remove barriers that keep you from delivering life-saving therapies to patients. Enterprise Solutions is a comprehensive yet flexible offering with that goal in mind. Reach more patients in need with our end-to-end solutions, which focus on automation and optimization. To help you solve common problems and never-before-seen challenges, we also offer global consultative support. Choose the mix of technologies, services, and support that suits your organizational needs.

  • Cell therapy

    Consistent manufacturing demands a robust end-to-end workflow. A modular approach to process closure and automation is flexible. It does not tie up one piece of equipment and allows you to update individual steps.

  • Gene therapy

    Many gene therapy applications use adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentivirus vectors. To help ensure your supply, we offer a flexible suite of solutions for viral vector manufacturing and process development.

  • mAbs

    An ever-changing market drives the need for flexible manufacturing. But scalability, efficiency, and minimizing risk are important, too. We offer a variety of customizable solutions to help you deal with the complexity.

  • Vaccines

    Vaccines are evolving. Modern tools such as virus-like particles, messenger RNA, and viral vectors can make vaccines that are easier to produce, purify, and characterize. Manufacturing solutions must keep pace.