In addition to our off-the-shelf forensic products, we offer custom-designed buccal kits, blood kits, FTA cards, and FTA Elute cards to meet every detail and requirement of your sample collection, transportation, and documentation procedures. Our innovative easiKit design protocols, coupled with an extensive component library, provide the flexibility required to rapidly design and deliver a custom solution that seamlessly fits with your procedures and enhances your existing workflows. We can work with you to develop a customized collection kit or card format with features that:

  • Simplify the collection process
  • Improve sample tracking
  • Integrate the EasiCollect device and/or FTA cards into your data tracking system
  • Select the barcode type and sequential or nonsequential number
  • Customize instructions for sample collection and shipping procedures
  • Include instructions in the kit to reinforce training
  • Create agency-specific data forms
  • Address your agency’s data collection needs (e.g. agency information, agency logo, demographics, and fingerprints) using forms that you design
  • Include the tools needed for successful sample collection and transport

Figure 1. Example of a custom buccal sample collection kit. Kits can include customized information forms, instructions for use, and components (e.g. gloves and masks) to ensure correct handling of samples. Choose from a selection of envelopes from breathable to tamper-evident. Envelopes can be designed to match traceability information, such as barcode to the card sample, to maintain information integrity.

Customized Whatman FTA sample collection cards

To further expand the options for data collection on a card, easiKit service from GE Healthcare Life Sciences also allows you to design your card format. Our support staff will guide you through the process of selecting artwork, barcodes, and information formats. Each of our card formats can be supplied to your own specifications, including high-quality print finishing for your artwork, use of special inks for optical character recognition, inclusion of barcodes, and many other options. Cards can be produced in many shapes and sizes, and can be designed to hold single or multiple sample spots. Personalized information can be printed directly onto the card, enabling compatibility with your collection workflows and LIMS.

Figure 2. Examples of custom FTA cards.

All GE Healthcare kits are manufactured to ISO9001:2008 standards.

Custom and off-the-shelf kits and cards are packaged in a clean room environment to minimize DNA contamination. Cards and swabs within kits can also be supplied with certification that they meet PAS377 forensics recommendations.

Interested in starting a custom project for a sample collection kit that meets your exact needs? Please contact our Custom Service Group at