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Biacore C

The world’s first SPR instrument dedicated to rapid determination of concentration in GxP environments.

Compare Biacore Systems

Application Biacore 8K+
Biacore 8K Biacore S200 Biacore T200 Biacore X100 Biacore C
Kinetics/affinity characterization
Kinetics/affinity screening
Single-cycle kinetics
LMW interaction analysis
Fragment screening
Epitope mapping * * * * *
Immunogenicity   *
Concentration analysis
Parallel line analysis          
Calibration-free concentration analysis  
Thermodynamics   *
Sample recovery MS  
Built-In Knowledge Base  


* The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality.

Biacore X100 Plus Package is required to perform the application.

Compare technical specifications for different Biacore systems.