HiScale are easy to pack empty columns designed for medium to high pressure chromatography up to 20 bar (290 psi) using a chromatography system.

  • For process development and preparative chromatography: excellent choice for work requiring ease‐of‐use, robustness, and process control.
  • HiScale 10/40 column is suitable for viral clearance scale-down studies because of the narrow inner diameter and the flexible bed height.
  • Easy to pack: axial compression capabilities, a nonrotating plunger mechanism, and column measurement scale.
  • Pressure stability up to 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi): compatible with modern BioProcess resins.
  • Variety of column dimensions — 10, 16, 26, or 50 mm inner diameter and 200 mm or 400 mm length to accommodate bed volumes up to 785 mL.
  • High flexibility: equipped with two adapters allowing for a large range of bed heights.

What comes in each HiScale package?

Each HiScale column is delivered with a column tube, outer protection tube, two adapters, PEEK tubing, and unions at both ends for easy connection to valves, pumps, and monitors. For HiScale 10/40, connectors are provided in the accessory kit included in the package.

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Product Product Name Price
28964424 HiScale 16/40 column 16 mm 400 mm On Request Get Quote
28964441 HiScale 16/20 column 16 mm 200 mm On Request Get Quote
28964444 HiScale 50/40 column 50 mm 400 mm On Request Get Quote
28964445 HiScale 50/20 column 50 mm 200 mm On Request Get Quote
28964513 HiScale 26/40 column 26 mm 400 mm On Request Get Quote
28964514 HiScale 26/20 column 26 mm 200 mm On Request Get Quote
29360550 HiScale 10/40 column 10 mm 400 mm On Request Get Quote

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