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Improve operational efficiency by preventing equipment breakdowns

Your ÄKTA systems serve as critical components of your research and processing operations. Therefore, you must take all possible measures to ensure they remain readily available. End users can play an important role in increasing the long- term uptime of your equipment by incorporating basic care and maintenance best practices into their routines.

This course familiarizes users with all the components of their system and helps them understand how to maintain and troubleshoot so the instrument can continue to operate reliably. This helps lab operations run on schedule and on budget, limiting surprises due to unexpected downtime.

Care and maintenance training part numbers

Bioprocess system care and maintenance training Part numbers
ÄKTA avant, ÄKTA pure 29118243
ÄKTAprocess 29108950
ÄKTA ready 29369724
ÄKTApilot 29369725

To request more information, a quote, or for equipment not listed, click here and select “Equipment care and maintenance training” under the PEOPLE heading.